Flash Mob Extraordinaire

Is there anything to beat a flash mob gig for putting a smile on your face?

Check out this rather unusual, but no less fabulous, clip…

And I defy anyone to watch this next film without beaming and tapping your toe….

I would love to be in a flash mob some time. Β I adore the sense of fun and enthusiasm, plus the joy they always bring to those watching. Β How about you? πŸ˜€πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

16 thoughts on “Flash Mob Extraordinaire

  1. clarepooley33 says:

    These flashmobs are great fun – I’ve seen the doh-re-mi one before but the Israeli one is new to me and I love it! In theory, taking part in one is very appealing and I would have loved it as a young woman but unless a rather stout, creaky, middle-aged woman is needed I think the chances of me taking part are minimal to say the least! I’d love to be somewhere just at the right time to witness one though!

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  2. Liz Wx says:

    commenting late because i saw the first one on my phone and wanted to watch it on a bigger screen. They are fabulous, Liz! The colours in the first one are gorgeous as well – it’s like a moving burst of art. Does Maggy P follow your blog? She would love these I am sure.

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  3. Ste J says:

    Videos like this are great, with so much worry about public places and security and all that, it is great that people get treated to such random acts of creativity. I love the colour of the first and the classic song of the second. The amout of time it must take to practise all that as well is phenomenal.

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